Suffering from non-scarring alopecia, despite not sounding particularly good, can be the best thing in terms of hair loss. We are going to tell you what it is, how to detect it, how to treat it and, of course, you will understand why we have said this.

What is non-scarring alopecia?

Non-scarring alopecia is that which, in any of its types (androgenetic, areata, diffuse, traumatic...), is not definitive, and can become reversible if the patient receives specific treatments for it, always considering, of course, the causes that have led to its development.

This is because the flat follicles, although damaged by various agents and reasons, have not healed as deceased so to speak, i.e. they are still alive, in a kind of dormant state, and can be improved by treating them appropriately.

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Symptoms of non-scarring alopecia

The symptoms correspond to the type of baldness present. That is, if it is androgenetic, we will have a symptomatological picture that will include selective hair loss in men and diffuse hair loss in women. If it is caused by another disease, the symptoms will depend on this, for example, baldness due to dermatitis includes reddening, desquamation, erythema...

That is, the symptoms are identical to those that occur in the different types of baldness if it were scarring, that does not change.

What is different is what we cannot see with the naked eye, what we have mentioned about the follicle, something only perceptible by professionals and under a study machine.

Causes of non-scarring alopecia

Its causes are the same as those of scarring alopecia and differ, of course, depending on the type of baldness suffered. Areata appears with stress, traumatic baldness due to mistreatment of the scalp and follicles, diffuse baldness may be due to following a medical treatment, a dietary disorder... In short, the type must be diagnosed in order to be able to work on the possible factors that have caused the hair loss.

Treatment of non-scarring alopecia

Again, the treatment to cure non-scarring alopecia will depend on the reason why the hair is falling out, i.e. the causes we have just mentioned.

It is for this reason that it is tremendously important, as well as being able to diagnose reversible hair loss, to be sure of the type of baldness we are dealing with, so that the treatment chosen is appropriate, as sometimes, even giving appropriate prescriptions and indications for a circumstance can make it worse if we have not diagnosed it properly.

As you can see, non-scarring alopecia does not differ, at first glance, from scarring alopecia, so that the same subtypes can be found in both. The difference, as we have mentioned, is that the one we are dealing with today can be reversible if treated in time and in the right way.

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