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How much does it cost to get hair in Turkey?

The price of the hair grafting in Turkey is much lower than in other countries, such as Spain. As a result, it costs less money to get hair in Turkey, thanks to initiatives in favour of clinical, innovative and tourism development.

As a result, hair tourism has become a flagship in Turkey, where the price of hair grafting is much lower and can be accessed with a lot of security. This is due to the wide experience of the sector and technological advances, together with a continuation of customs that favour this type of tourism.

Why Hair Transplantation in Turkey is Better


  • FUT technique (Follicular Unit Transplantation): is a procedure known as 'Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or "strip hair transplantation". This type of intervention involves the removal of a small section of hair from the donor area, a strip one or two centimeters wide. and, at most, 30 or 35 centimeters long.
  • FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction) is an invasive hair micrografting procedure that involves the extraction of small groups of the patient's own hair (follicular units belonging to areas not affected by hair loss) which will subsequently be implanted in the area depopulated with hair. 


  • FUE Sapphire or DHI: is the most cutting-edge evolution of the FUE technique, as it incorporates very fine, delicate and precise sapphire blades, achieving with this innovation an important improvement in the results of the technique, both in procedure and result. The microchannels made with the ZAFIRO FUE technique are minimal incisions, compared to the incisions made with the traditional FUE technique., this is because the sapphire blade is very thin, sharp and resistant, allowing more channels to be opened, thus allowing for a greater number of channels to be opened. the grafts are closer together, this gives a greater density to the hair.


  • Local Anaesthesia: The implant process is painless. as anesthesia allows the patient to feel nothing during the process, even though they are awake during the procedure, however, not everyone is comfortable with the sight of the needle and the thought of the pain from the puncture. In addition, the head has many nerve endings and this means that any slight blow or the simplest hair pull can cause intense stabbing pain, let alone a subcutaneous injection with a needle.


  • Non-painful pre-anesthesia: through a needleless syringe (it can be compared to a small compressed air gun), which rests on the skin and, once activated, vaporizes the anesthetic through the epidermis without causing local accumulation, and without the patient feeling pain.

Spain: between 1,500 and 3,000 follicles in a fast session of 4 hours on average.

Turkey: more than 5,500 follicles in a gentle session lasting 9 hours on average.


  • Medical study, ppre-operation tests, vn a two-way trip, estay (5-star hotel *****), orperation, spost-operation follow-up: 3.500€ – 10.000€


  • Todo lo anterior y más por sólo 1.850€.Consulta nuestro paquete con todo incluido.

(TDA) Advanced Alopecia Test - Trichotest

Our team of doctors will assess the quality and strength of the scalp in the personalised Alopecia DNA Test, prior to the hair transplant.

Included in all packs

What is included in the price of hair transplant Turkey?

Return flight

Roundtrip flights with one of the best airlines in the world: Turkish Airlines.
Turkish Airlines, considered in service quality well above Iberia and with several awards in 2017.

Blood test and Pre-anesthesia included

Painless pre-anesthesia included. Strict compliance with all European sanitary standards

5 Star Hotel (Hilton Category)

3 nights in a 5-star hotel with breakfast included in the center of Istanbul

FUE hair transplant

Hair implantation technique of up to 5,500 bulbs. Between 45-50 follicles per cm².

Private driver

A private driver will take care of transfers from airport to hotel, hotel to clinic, clinic to hotel and hotel to airport (WIFI included).

Only 3 daily patients

Our team of doctors personally performs each intervention

Personal translator

Don't worry about the language, the clinic will have its own translator.

The only approved Spanish agency

Pioneer tour operator in Spain

Certificate of guarantee

90% hair implantation guarantee

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✅ Tailor-made financing

  • Collaborating bank Banco Sabadell: (A/A Jose Manuel 952 593 639)
  • We offer special conditions and the best payment facilities.
  • Pay your instalments in easy instalments.
  • Contact us for more information.

Turkish Airlines, considerada en calidad de servicio muy por encima de Iberia y con varios premios en el 2023

Satisfied customers

Get to know the result and the opinion of our clients.

Personal translator

Don't worry about the language, the clinic will have its own translator.

The only approved Spanish agency

Pioneer tour operator in Spain

Certificate of guarantee

90% hair implantation guarantee

Hotel Lionel Istanbul 5 Stars

Lionel Hotel IstanbulThe apartment is located in the centre of the city, in Bayrampasa, which is characterised as an area with an influx of business travellers. There is an unbeatable metro connection within walking distance, so getting around the city will not be a problem. The decoration of the Hotel Lionel is modern and elegant, ensuring the comfort of our guests to the maximum, where they will receive sophisticated details unique to this establishment.

DoubleTree by Hilton Istanbul Topkapi 5 Stars

DoubleTree by Hilton Istanbul Topkapi Hotel A 5-star hotel with an 18-storey indoor pool, this modern hotel offers elegant rooms and suites, many with panoramic views of the city, the Sea of Marmara and Princess Island. It is located near the Church of St. Saviour of Cora. It has a restaurant and lounge bar, and offers a full breakfast. You can work out in the fully equipped gym, take a dip in the indoor swimming pool, enjoy the spa with a variety of treatments, the Turkish Hammam and steam rooms for men and women. The hotel is located in the centre of Istanbul, close to attractions such as the TurkuaZoo, the Süleymaniye Mosque, the Mixer, the Spice Bazaar and the Cagaloglu Turkish Baths.

Questions about the price of hair grafting turkey

Is it possible to finance hair transplantation?
Yes, our customer service staff will explain to you what kind of offers we have for your hair transplant, please contact them.

Do I have to print all documents before I leave?
Yes, please print out all documents for security reasons. You can ask for them at the clinic or at the airport.

Do I have to check in myself or can I do it at the airport?
You can check in yourself from the Turkish Airlines website and also on the spot at the airport.

Can I take a large suitcase for check-in with the tickets or how many kilos and how big is it?
With Turkish Airlines, when travelling from Spain, a checked bag of 20kg maximum plus a hand bag/cabin suitcase of 55x40x23cm and 8kg maximum is included. For more information, you can check the baggage regulations yourself on the Turkish Airlines website.

Is it possible to go sightseeing after the operation or do I have to rest?
Sightseeing is no problem.

Can 2, 3 or more friends do the operation on the same day?
Yes, the doctor and his team can operate on up to 3 patients on the same day.