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Professional and certified team, with more than 22 years of experience performing hair transplants.

What is Global Health?

We are Tour Operators associated with a clinic recognized as one of the best clinics in Istanbul and we have a professional team specialised in hair surgery.

Both the method of hair transplantation used with the FUE technique as used in the IHD technique are minimally invasive and are performed in strict compliance with all European health standards, in a sterile operating theatre and under local anaesthesia.

The result is a completely painless procedure for our patients, who can quickly return to their normal life.

The post-operative is almost non-existent and imperceptible. without having to wear any seams or staples and without leaving scars or marks.

More than 20,000 patients


Clinic awarded to the Best Customer Experience 2018, 2019 y 2020

ISO 9001 Certification

Quality certificates:
award certificated 2018
award certificated 2019
award certificated 2020

Professional team

Global Health

All the interventions performed by our team of doctors are carried out in a modern and prestigious clinic located in Besiktas districtThe hotel is located in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey's main city.

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Team of Doctors

Medical equipment with more than 22 years of experience and more than 20,000 satisfied patients. Put yourself in the hands of our expert in hair implants.

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What do our customers say about us?

If you want to know about the professionalism of our services, the best thing to do is to see for yourself with the before and after hair grafting results and the positive testimonials of patients who have already undergone hair transplant surgery.