Hair transplant for women in Turkey

More and more women are deciding to undergo a hair transplantation in Turkey. Thanks to technological advances and the professionalism of the doctors in the Turkish centres, the hair transplants for women in Turkey offer greater guarantees and results. The use of the DHI technique (Direct Hair Implantation)allows hair transplants to be performed without shaving women's hair, which is why many women have already opted for this procedure, which is also completely safe and offers a high success rate.

Hair loss in women

There are a number of different causes that can lead to hair loss in women. Among many others we find: thyroid diseases, hormonal causes, alterations, stress, childbirth, accidents, genetic and seasonal changes. Our first recommendation in the event of early hair loss is to consult a specialist and analyse the reason for your hair loss. Finding the cause in time will be the main point to prevent hair loss.


However, there is currently no treatment for hair loss caused by a genetic pattern. In these cases, the definitive solution for a person to regain their thick, natural hair is a hair transplantation.


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Hair Transplant in Turkey for Women

Permanent hair loss in women usually begins in the form of thinning hair on the crown of the head.

Surgical interventions of hair transplantation in women are almost the same as for men. The only difference is that women prefer not to shave their hair completely while undergoing hair grafting.

Therefore, the hair transplant without shaving is usually the most commonly performed on women. The operation currently available for this type of hair grafting is the technique called DHI (Direct Hair Implantation).

This technique is very simple, quick and it is not necessary to stay in hospital after the surgery.

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Transplant FUE Sapphire up to 5,500 follicles
Pre/post-operative (PRP + Mesotherapy included)
Painless anaesthesia
TDA Tricho-Test Personalised DNA Test
Transfer between hotel/clinic + translator
Life Guarantee Certificate

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or in instalments from €29 per month

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Sapphire FUE transplant up to 5,500 follicles
Pre/post-operative (PRP + Mesotherapy included)
Painless anaesthesia
TDA Tricho-Test Personalised DNA Test
Transfers between airport/hotel/clinic + translator
Life Guarantee Certificate

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4 days and 3 nights
Transplant FUE Sapphire up to 5,500 follicles
Pre/post-operative (PRP + Mesotherapy included)
Painless anaesthesia
TDA Tricho-Test Personalised DNA Test
Possibility of contracting IHD technique (No need to shave)
Transfers between airport/hotel/clinic + translator
Flights included

DHI No Shave method for female hair transplants

The method DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)allows hair transplantation without the need to shave the hair.

This technique is ideal for hair grafting in women with hair loss problems and permanent hair loss.

Hair grafting in Turkey using the DHI technique is a safe method and offers a high success rate.

This technique is a type of hair grafting that consists of the extraction and insertion of hair follicles in two single steps, without the need to prepare the recipient area with incisions.

Advantages of the DHI technique for hair grafting in women

  • Decrease the rate at which the grafts
     remain outside of the scalp, ensuring a
    placement of the strong graft.
  • It strengthens and secures the implementation of the
    hair grafts.
  • Increases the survival rates of
    implanted follicles.
  • It reduces bleeding during the process.
  • It only requires sedation, but does not anaesthesia,
  • only sedation is required.
  • Invisibility of the incisions,
    do not exist as such.
  • More convenient and easier recovery
    after the post-operative period, perfect for getting back to the routine.
  • The patient does not need to shave

Can all women undergo the IHD method?

Several studies indicate that people with straight and fine hair are more likely to accept treatment positively, and that those whose hair is curly or coarser may have a higher rate of grafting complications.

This is due to the size of the needles. However, it is also true that curlier or thicker hair is less likely to break when placed in the implant and still has a higher failure rate.

Even so, the majority of women do not opt for this techniqueIt involves shaving the hair and affects the aesthetics of the hair. It is therefore an optional technique.

Why have a hair transplant for women in Turkey?

There are many reasons to have a hair transplant in Turkey. The first is the money savings that can be made by having the procedure done in Turkey, between 4000 and 8000 euros less.

In addition, Turkey is one of the pioneers in technology and new techniques in hair transplantation, years ahead of other countries.

Do you want more information about the process, prices or methods of hair transplantation for women in Turkey? At Global Health, we have more than 20 years of experience, so we can advise you on the best treatment for your case. 

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