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Hair transplant in Istanbul

The hair loss is considered a major problem affecting a large and growing percentage of the current population.

Among the main causes of the hair lossthe most important is still the androgenic alopeciaa hereditary condition associated with androgen sensitivity. While available non-surgical treatments can help delay hair loss to some extent, the endless technological advances in the hair industry have made hair transplantation procedures a safe and effective method for affected patients.

Thanks to these technological advances, these procedures have natural and very satisfactory results, which is why more and more men and women are opting to undergo an hair grafting in Turkey, Istanbul.

Why do a Hair Transplant in Istanbul?

The hair transplant Turkey is a constantly evolving type of procedure that offers solutions for patients struggling with androgenic alopecia, as well as hair loss caused by other sources, such as trauma or inflammatory hair conditions. 

Istanbul has become the world's centre for hair transplantation, with at least 5,000 patients every month. Hair transplantation in Istanbul has become more than just a medical procedure, it is about getting rid of complexes and to some extent returning to youth. Hair transplantation in Istanbul has several advantages compared to hair transplantation in Spain. Some of these are listed below:

Lowest price

The high prices of hair transplant surgeries are one of the many obstacles faced by the patient, especially in EU countries such as Spain. However, hair transplantation surgeries in Istanbul are several times cheaper than in other countries, making the city ideal for patients on a tighter budget. 

Superior Quality

These lower prices are not an indicator of low quality. In fact, Istanbul specialists have a very good reputation worldwide and are in demand in other countries as well, often being invited to perform operations abroad.

In recent years, Istanbul has experienced rapid growth in the production of its own professional medical equipment. This allows hair transplant clinics and specialists to have access to the latest equipment and technology in the field. 

Hospitals and hair transplant centres offer a wide range of quality medical services. At Global Health we are a good example as our clinic operates in fully equipped operating theatres. 

All inclusive offers

The best clinics in Istanbul, such as Global Health, include not only the operation itself, but also the package of services in the price. The fixed price will include: transfer, hotel accommodation, meals, interpreter, aftercare package - a price with no surprises!

Opportunity to travel

Thanks to the packages and the exclusive discount, the patient will have recovery time in Istanbul, being close to the clinic in case of any problems and at the same time exploring this ancient city. Istanbul is a magical place with a special atmosphere and many interesting places. 

If you are still not sure where to have your hair transplant, here is a comparison of interesting data on the hair transplant in Istanbul

On the one hand, the price savings you can get if you have the procedure done in Istanbul. In addition, you should add to this the years of experience, as in Turkey they were and still are the pioneers in technology and new techniques, years ahead of other countries.

Why Hair Transplantation in Turkey is Better


  • FUT technique (Follicular Unit Transplantation): is a procedure known as 'Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or "strip hair transplantation". This type of intervention involves the removal of a small section of hair from the donor area, a strip one or two centimeters wide. and, at most, 30 or 35 centimeters long.
  • FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction) is an invasive hair micrografting procedure that involves the extraction of small groups of the patient's own hair (follicular units belonging to areas not affected by hair loss) which will subsequently be implanted in the area depopulated with hair. 


  • FUE Sapphire or DHI: is the most cutting-edge evolution of the FUE technique, as it incorporates very fine, delicate and precise sapphire blades, achieving with this innovation an important improvement in the results of the technique, both in procedure and result. The microchannels made with the ZAFIRO FUE technique are minimal incisions, compared to the incisions made with the traditional FUE technique., this is because the sapphire blade is very thin, sharp and resistant, allowing more channels to be opened, thus allowing for a greater number of channels to be opened. the grafts are closer together, this gives a greater density to the hair.


  • Local Anaesthesia: The implant process is painless. as anesthesia allows the patient to feel nothing during the process, even though they are awake during the procedure, however, not everyone is comfortable with the sight of the needle and the thought of the pain from the puncture. In addition, the head has many nerve endings and this means that any slight blow or the simplest hair pull can cause intense stabbing pain, let alone a subcutaneous injection with a needle.


  • Non-painful pre-anesthesia: through a needleless syringe (it can be compared to a small compressed air gun), which rests on the skin and, once activated, vaporizes the anesthetic through the epidermis without causing local accumulation, and without the patient feeling pain.

Spain: between 1,500 and 3,000 follicles in a fast session of 4 hours on average.

Turkey: more than 5,500 follicles in a gentle session lasting 9 hours on average.


  • Medical study, ppre-operation tests, vn a two-way trip, estay (5-star hotel *****), orperation, spost-operation follow-up: 3.500€ – 10.000€


Basic Package


or in instalments from €29 per month

Transplant FUE Sapphire up to 5,500 follicles
Pre/post-operative (PRP + Mesotherapy included)
Painless anaesthesia
TDA Tricho-Test Personalised DNA Test
Transfer between hotel/clinic + translator
Life Guarantee Certificate

Standard Package


or in instalments from €29 per month

Hotel 3/4***AD stars
Sapphire FUE transplant up to 5,500 follicles
Pre/post-operative (PRP + Mesotherapy included)
Painless anaesthesia
TDA Tricho-Test Personalised DNA Test
Transfers between airport/hotel/clinic + translator
Life Guarantee Certificate

Premium Package


or in instalments from €29 per month

5 stars Hotel ***** Hilton Category
4 days and 3 nights
Transplant FUE Sapphire up to 5,500 follicles
Pre/post-operative (PRP + Mesotherapy included)
Painless anaesthesia
TDA Tricho-Test Personalised DNA Test
Possibility of contracting IHD technique (No need to shave)
Transfers between airport/hotel/clinic + translator
Flights included

Why go for a hair transplant with Global Health Hair?

At Global Health Hair, we are the first Spanish hair grafting agency in Istanbul homologated and we exclusively offer the possibility of being operated on by a team of doctors with more than 22 years of experience and more than 20,000 patients, using hair implant methods: FUE Sapphire (Follicular Unit Extraction) or hair transplantation DHI (Direct Hair Implant). Both treatments incorporate a small application of local anaesthetic so that the procedure is painless. 

Clinic awarded to the Best Customer Experience 2018, 2019 y 2020

ISO 9001 Certification

Quality certificates:
award certificated 2018
award certificated 2019
award certificated 2020

2.280€ All inclusive

What is the process of hair grafting in Istanbul like?

Do you have any doubts? Find out what the process of a hair transplant in Istanbul is like, from the moment you arrive at the airport until you return home.

1. First day in Istanbul

Arrival in Istanbul, and relaxing day at the hotel.

2. Second day - Grafting

The day when hair grafting is performed in Istanbul. Before starting the operation, the pre-operative examinations are carried out, as well as the necessary blood tests. The visit with the doctor also takes place and at that time all outstanding doubts are clarified.

3. Third day - Medical check-up

Monitoring and medication: at the clinic you will be given all the specific recommendations for post-hair transplantation. After the clinic visits there will be free time for sightseeing in Istanbul if desired.

4. Back home

On the last day, a visit is made to the clinic before your return to Spain. During this visit, the information about the washing, products to be used, documentation, guarantee certificates, the invoice and the list of care instructions to be carried out are explained to you in detail. You will receive the certification of the number of follicles implanted in our hair clinic in Istanbul. Keep in mind that each follicle can grow from one to three hairs.
In addition, once in Spain, you will continue to have access to Global Health's telephone and whatsapp contact for any queries and post-operative monitoring.

Still have doubts about your Hair Transplant in Istanbul?

We know that this is a difficult decision-making process and that many doubts often arise. That's why our experts will always be at your side throughout the whole process. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us now via WhatsApp or call. 

(TDA) Advanced Alopecia Test - Trichotest

Our team of doctors will assess the quality and strength of the scalp in the personalised Alopecia DNA Test, prior to the hair transplant.

Advantages of hair transplantation in Istanbul

Over the years, we have received many similar questions, so here are some of the questions we have received. advantages of a hair transplant in Istanbul:

  • Large number of clinics and options. There are dozens of large hair transplant centres and several smaller medical facilities in Istanbul alone. At Global Health, we recommend always checking that the clinics have certificates to ensure patient safety. 
  • No waiting lists. This means that you can make a transfer at any convenient time.
  • Great experience. Clinics like Global Health have been operating for 20 years or more. Hair transplantation in Istanbul is a very popular procedure. Every day more than 200 such operations are performed. Therefore, our Turkish doctors have a very wide experience: they have a solution even for difficult cases.
  • Combining relaxation and treatment. Having to get away from the daily stress of your city, you can make the most of your trip by visiting one of the famous Turkish resorts and, at the end, stop for a few days in Istanbul before or after the operation. 

Do you have more questions about your hair transplant in Istanbul? 

Call us at 648 423 777 to give you more details of the procedure!